Elliott's Row Pocket Park

Welcome to Elephant and Castle's pocket park. It has been tended by volunteers since 2013 as a cheerful floral refuge one minute away from the famous Bend for children and adults. It was once a building, then a bomb site, a dumping ground, an estate playground and suffered from neglect before becoming a guerrilla garden in 2012 and by June 2013 a legitimated commitment by Southwark Council for volunteers to tend overseen by Mobile Gardeners. Mobile Gardeners helps direct fund raising and gardening care in partnership with the Hayles Tenants and Residents Association.

Since 2012 we have revitalised the planting with a colourful mix of traditional border species including fragrant roses, honeysuckle, hollyhocks, smoke bush and forget-me-nots. We also commissioned a mural for the lower part of the adjacent wall, painted by Marc Craig. Many residents from the Elephant and Castle have been involved in the transformation and today Daniel and Nelle take care of day to day gardening.

We have received funding from Elefest, Kew's Grow Wild and from Southwark Council.

Sadly in 2018 the beautiful mature Robinia trees were felled by Southwark Council who were concerned about the trunk rot in the trees - one tree had already fallen down in a storm during 2017. The council will invest in new tree planting in winter 2018 with species selected in partnership with local volunteers.

The pocket park welcome's people with time, ideas and funding to make it even more welcoming.

For more information contact richard@mobilegardeners.org and sign up as a friend.

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