Elliott's Row Pocket Park

Elliott's Row Pocket Park Summer 2014

Welcome to Elephant and Castle's first pocket park. It's a leafy refuge one minute away from the famous junction. What was once a building, then a bomb site, a dumping ground, an estate playground and has suffered from neglect in recent years became a guerrilla garden in winter 2012 which progressed by June 2013 to become a legitimate commitment by volunteers. Southwark Council have handed over its gardeing care to the Mobile Gardeners' who are responsible for all funding, gardening and community involvement to help the space fulfill its greater potential for people and nature.

In 2013 we revitalised some of the planting with a colourful mix of traditional border planting including fragrant roses, honeysuckle, hollyhocks, smoke bush and spring bulbs funded by Elefest. 2014 has heralded bigger improvements. With funding from the Co-op Bank we have removed most of the overgrown ivy from the beautiful honey locust trees as well as the arbor - the remaining ivy will slowly drop off the trees this season. This has brought more light into the park. We have replanted the beds and installed a new sign to welcome passers by to pass through the gate at the back and use the park. Community gardening events involving residents from across West and East Elephant are involving people in tending the plants.

In 2014 we received funding from Kew's Grow Wild for a mural. If you would like to submit a proposal please download the application here and return your idea by 30 September 2014.

We welcome people with time, ideas and funding to make this pocket park even more welcoming.

For more information contact richard@mobilegardeners.org and sign up as a friend.

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